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Hypnotherapy for Hormones

Hypnotherapy for Hormones

Hypnotherapy for Hormones by Diane Kirkham Hypnotherapy Brisbane

Hormonal changes affect our weight, metabolism, mood, energy and health. For many of us challenged with weight issues, reducing the amount of food we are eating and increasing activity is not enough. This is particularly true of female clients aged 35 years+ because as we age our hormones start to change. Hypnotherapy for Hormones can assist with some of the struggles you may face. 

Are you struggling with any of the following?

struggle to lose weight, despite exercising and trying various diets

stubborn to shift belly fat around your middle, even if the rest of your body is slim

tired all the time, feeling exhausted through the day, but often find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep

menopause and hot flushes, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS),

adult acne or mood swings

brain fog, memory loss and forgetfulness that inhibits your ability to concentrate and work to your fullest

low libido and other symptoms




What are the benefits of rebalancing our hormones? 

What can Hypnotherapy for Hormones Help?

When are hormones are happily in balance our body can regulate naturally to the levels that are required and can have a very positive affect on the following:
  • chronic stress,

  • insomnia,

  • fatigue,

  • anxiety,

  • infertility and irregular periods,

  • memory loss,

  • brain fog,

  • low mood and,

  • weight

Hypnotherapy for Hormones 4 Week Program will help you identify:

  • which hormones are most likely to be out of balance and why

  • which are the 4 biggest hormone disruptors

  • the 4 lifestyle pathways to rebalance your hormones

  • an easy-to-follow plan to rebalance your hormones

which will

  • help you gain control of your weight

  • revitalise you with more energy

  • help level out and improve your mood

  • plus prevent and limit further damage, reducing the risk of chronic illness

The programme includes:

  • Four weekly hypnosis sessions,

  • Nine Golden rules for success

  • Plus a home support audio recording,

Are you ready to take control to rebalance the internal systems within your body and make those all-important lifestyle changes necessary to restore hormone health? Contact us for Hypnotherapy for Hormones in Brisbane or via Zoom


The programme is an adjunct not a substitute for prescription medication or guidance from your endocrinologist.